• Installation of Isokorb® Chelsea Green

    Chelsea Green is a 14-story, luxury condominium from Alfa Development that is putting wellness and the most advanced and state-of-the-art systems front and center to maximize energy efficiency, resource conservation and indoor air quality. This video features insight to the installation of Isokorb® structural thermal break elements in the 16-foot balconies at the Chelsea Green project in New York City. Includes an on-site interview with Michael Namer of Alpha Development, who shares his initial concerns as well as his reassurance and installation ease with Isokorb® thermal breaks.

  • Isokorb® Thermal Break for Steel Canopy

    The Schӧck Isokorb® type S22 animation video demonstrates the application and use of this steel to steel thermal break element for canopy connections.
    Isokorb® type S22 is included in the design of entryways and sunshades to prevent condensation and energy loss when a steel beam passes through the building envelope.

    The video features this innovative solution which can be created with modular configurations, stacking and the use of insulation spacers. The Isokorb® type S22 for steel canopies provides a simple solution for thermal protection and enhanced aesthetics.

  • Installation of Schöck Isokorb® at Beaver Barracks in Ottawa, Canada

    Beaver Barracks in Ottawa, Ontario, is one of the first Canadian projects to use Isokorb®, a thermal insulating, load-bearing element.

    Isokorb® is used for the thermal partitioning of free cantilever balconies. It is available for connecting reinforced concrete to reinforced concrete.

    Isokorb® creates a climate stable building envelope providing lasting comfort, energy savings as well as environmental benefits.

    This innovative product is available in the Canadian market from the German engineering firm, Schöck.

    Structural engineers: Halsall Associates

    Architect: Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Incorporated


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