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Freedom of Design.

Steel Structures with Insulation.

Avoid condensation and energy loss with Isokorb® type S structural thermal breaks. A solution with simple installation.


Balconies that Perform.

Structural Thermal Breaks.

Thermal bridging in concrete slabs causes cold floors and moisture issues. Isokorb® type CM is the ideal solution.


Irish Distillery Stays Dry.

Preventing Thermal Loss.

Read about the Irish distillery that aims to prevent thermal bridging while doubling production with the addition of a new production plant.


Design Breaks:

Innovative Building Solutions.

Read this month's thermal bridging solution: Cantilever Slabs at Stairways and Shafts


Passive Housing Gets Large.

Kiln Apartments in Oregon.

The Kiln Apartments of Portland, Oregon are position to be one of the largest mixed-use, multi-family buildings at such high energy efficient standards.


Understanding Thermal Bridges.

The Designer's Guide.

What are the effective solutions for mitigating the thermal bridging effect?

Download the Design Guide

Innovation in Design.

Novartis Complex in Cambridge.

The Boston Globe titles it as, "one of ten projects that will change innovation landscape in Boston and Cambridge".


Developers in Control.

Improved Appearance and Comfort.

New York architect turned developer is solving thermal bridging in luxury manhattan condomiums.

Schöck Case Studies

Schöck products have been used throughout the world in thousands of projects.

Continuing Education

Gain Building Performance Knowldege with our CEU Courses.

Schöck Blog

Insights from the Schöck team.


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